Help your properties to sell themselves

Whether you’re selling multiple apartments or just one character property, home staging can help you achieve the yield you need. Every dollar you invest in our home staging services will be more than repaid through a higher selling price.

Here’s why home staging works so well for new developments, as well as speculative do-ups:

  • Potential buyers find it hard to visualise their life in empty spaces. When we set the scene, through carefully chosen furniture and accessories, buyers can imagine themselves at home.
  • By choosing luxurious furniture and accessories, we can give your development a premium feeling that commands a higher price tag.
  • Empty rooms can appear smaller than professionally furnished rooms. It’s true. Our stylists know how to make rooms appear larger through their choice of furniture styles, sizes and colours.
  • If the eventual buyer really loves how we’ve furnished your property, they have the option to buy any or all of the furniture collection used for the staging.

Do you need staging to help sell your development? Talk to our experts on 09 630 0066 or email [email protected]