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Make A Wish

A house designed to make dreams come true

The foundations for the Fairway Bay Wish House have been poured, and building work is underway in Pinecrest Drive, Gulf Harbour.

GJ Gardner’s Managing Director Elaine Morley says notwithstanding the 130 homes she is building this year in the Ro [...]

Escape the rush

For the owners of this new home close to the seaside, every day feels like a holiday

While some of us love the buzz of inner city living, many others are attracted to the peace that’s to be found when you choose a home in one of Auckland’s iconic seaside suburbs.< [...]

New Homes on the Scene

With its expansive living spaces and sheltered garden, this home is a great place for a family

Before setting off to buy a new home it’s often a good idea to draw up a wish list. Some aspects of it will be practical and