Home Staging Tips

Renovating before Selling

It is the usual story. Your home gets renovated just how you have always wanted it to look and then you sell it! Sometimes, making those improvements to your home could actually turn off potential buyers.

Here are 10 tips for home improvements that can make or break your house sale.

Home Staging Essentials

It’s always great when real estate professionals and home stagers create strong partnerships. In these situations, both parties support and rely on each other to handle the important aspects of preparing and selling homes. Ultimately both the real estate agent and the home stager are working together to achieve the best price and outcome for the client.

You’ve made your bed!

Probably one of the most common questions I am asked as an Interior Stylist is “Do you make your bed like this every day?”

And the answer in short is yes. Admittedly perhaps not the exceptionally full beds with double-duvets, three blankets, six pillows and a bunch of scatter-cushions, but every day without fail, I make my bed before leaving the house. [...]