Auckland’s housing market is emerging from one of the quietest winters ever as a mood of optimism takes hold. Despite the gloomy picture painted by backward-looking real estate stats, more properties are becoming available and Spring is delivering a more positive vibe, especially for first home buyers, say the experts.

REINZ notes that in August Auckland prices dropped by 3.5% on the same time last year. The number of new listin [...]

How to Create Dream-time Bliss in the Bedroom

Nights are getting chillier as the dreaded winter sets in. Chances are, you’ll be spending longer between the sheets over the next few months. So if your bedroom is looking drab, it might be time to give it a boost by introducing some soothing romantic appeal. Here’s how to create your own little sanctuary of dream-time indulgence.

Decorate my Bedroom

12 Stylish Bedroom Decorating Ideas – that also make for a better night’s sleep!