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Shanly’s design tips for 2017

In our lives we spend a great deal of time in our homes, and it’s true what they say… “We are a product of our surroundings”. This is why its so important that our surroundings make us feel happy, relaxed and comfortable.

Overseas in certain countries there are laws stating who can call themselves a licensed Interior Designer but in New Zealand this does not apply. There are [...]

Interior Design – Ready when you are

Living Edge Interiors are delighted to offer Auckland based interior design services. It is like one stop shopping without the stress and hassles.

 Shanly was trained by the famous Beverly Hills based International Interior Designer Faye Resnick with such clients as Paris and Nicky Hilton, Kyle Umansky (Beverly Hills Housewives ), Ceasars and Palms Hotel Las [...]

Join us in New York May 2017

Join Sharon Laffan, Managing Director of Living Edge Interiors for a New York experience of a lifetime! In association with newyorkcurated, Sharon and 9 tour guests will enjoy THE ultimate tour of New York.< [...]